Friday, February 07, 2014

Semester Break

Assalamualaikum, everyone. :) its been awhile. im having my semester break here, and i still have remaining weeks before i continue with my second year battle in law school, insya Allah. law school is tough, but i think im okay as long as the passion and interest is still there. i always remind myself of the first reason why i wanted to be here, which is because i've always wanted to be here. not because of my parents pushed me, but i do want to be here. i seriously dont care if i failed some papers, as long as i can keep going. i know the CGPA is very important for my future life, but hey! the most important is to survive, and TRY. im not a consistent person, i always lose my passion and lose track sometimes but i always find myself got it all back too. i do acknowledge that, that is not a good thing, it might ruin my future if i dont take it seriously before i know it, but i promise myself i will fix that. insya Allah. i just need to believe in myself. sigh. it is so hard the Gemini-an's blood runs thick through my blood. lol.

whats going on with my life so far? so far so good, Alhamdulillah. it was abit rough, but is going better at the moment. i was actually planned to work during this semester break, so i'd have extra pocket money for myself, unfortunately, no one wants to hire me. :( its it probably because i told them that im just going to work for two months the longest, plus, i didnt apply to many places. i have to be picky in choosing jobs, because i have to consider the distance of the work place from my house, the environment of the workplace itself,whether or not they prepare a place for me to perform prayers. i was very disappointed, i have to help my mom babysitting my overly-attached nieces instead. but everything happens for a reason right? it took me awhile to realize that my mom needs my help more than i need the job. lol. i told my mom that i want to work, because i want to have some extra pocket money, so i can buy things i want without asking my parents/sisters for money. i honestly hate to be dependent person, because i feel very restricted. i just want to get my things i want without having to ask. looking at the bright side, rezeki ada di mana mana. helping my mom will guarantee me far more blessings that come from Allah, insya Allah, insya ALLAH. :)

oh, by the way. it has been almost a month i have deactivated my twitter account, i have to wait for just few more days for it to be finally deleted. yeay! i cant believe i can actually handle it. i mean, i wasnt very sure of myself if i can go a day without tweeting. oh hell i prove it i was wrong! haha. i wont be active on instagram either. i dont know, i personally see instagram as a place where people brag and show off all the things they got. i mean, do you really have to post a lunch you just had? do you really have to post and telling everyone everytime you're having coffee and went to starbucks? i bet some of these people, wouldnt post a glass of iced-coffee that they just had in kedai mamak, because it is not as fancy/pricey as the coffee they always have in starbucks (chances are, they taste just the same or 'worst', FAR MORE TASTIER... and cheaper lol). wow. much rich. much cool. so classy. very hipster. wow. the only reason i still keep my instagram account is because of my family. its the only tool for me to keep the track of whats going on with their life, since im studying far from KK, and most of my time i spend is in Shah Alam. i wont be posting photos anymore. i want to keep a very low-profile life, insya Allah.

p/s: i dont generalize here. okay. but if it fits the shoes, oh well :)

moving on. im still using the old nokia phone, to answer my friends why i cant reply their whatsapp chats for awhile. i still havent gotten a new phone, but my sister promised to buy one for me. i just dont know when. one of the 'perks' of being dependent. hah! i dont mind using this phone, as long as i can text/call people, only that matters. as most of my friends know, im not really a 'text-person' and i dont call people as much either. so, having this phone doesnt really bother me. it has a restricted function but it is very VERY fine to me.

*yawns* im sleepy already, its already 3am, i think i better go to sleep right now. got something to be done tomorrow. later, people. :)

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