Friday, February 14, 2014

Second Semester Result

so.. second semester's exam result was out today. Alhamdulillah. i wont publish here though, it hasnt reached to that extend yet. lol. it was okay, i was kinda expecting it. after days of having worst nightmare about my result, i can now sleep in peace. :)

to be honest, even it was just okay, it kinda gives me a new hope. i still cant believe that i could make it through the 1st year of law school. i know i have a long long way to go, but this proves that i can actually do it if i give my best effort towards it. and nope. i havent given my best YET. still stuck within the gear 1-2, but ready to pull up to the next high gear!

this is not easy for me. i have to put my double efforts than anyone did. luckily, i am someone who likes to be challenged. i love going through the bumpy roads. i do enjoy it, no lie. however, people around me are expecting me to score excellently like i did before in my diploma time. i made it easy to get a dean's list result before, yes i think i made it easy to an extent that i thought it was all just plain lucky. i didnt give my best, like my friends did. i didnt put much effort in it, like my friends did. but boom! the result showed other wise, yes i was very lucky. 

after all, Allah Maha Adil. life is like a roller coaster right? we will not always stay at the top, Allah will make us fall, just to make you feel like what is down there. to build a stronger servant of His, and keep faith only to Him. Alhamdulillah. Allah masih sayang. :) Alhamdulillah, Allah tests me this before i am going to another phase of life, which is the working phase. tade lah nak jadi graduan result bagus, tapi kerja hampeh. pandai hanya di atas kertas. 

i am thanking my mom and dad for always being supportive, and understanding of my situation. and i am thanking myself for always staying positive. i am thanking to those people who underestimate my capability, i'll show you guys i can. insya Allah.

say hi to the new semester! 2nd year, here i come! :D

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