Saturday, November 24, 2012


wanna know something? i did something humiliating this morning, and i regret of doing so. grrr. why did i ever thought of that, really! hmmmmm. if only i could turn back the time. a time machine, anyone? so tell me, how am i supposed to confront with this guy? hate myself for not thinking twice! everytime!! grrrr. someone please shoot me in the head, dont let me stay alive, i can live no longer, this is toooooo embarrassing.  i feel like cryinggggg. tsk tsk tskkkkkk!

hmmph. ok, please slap me in the face. that will probably help me to pull myself together. 

sorry for this whacked post. havent slept since last night. hehhhh. that probably explains everything?? T.T

damn it!!!

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