Saturday, October 22, 2011


he asked, "do you still love me?"
i looked down, hesitant to reply
i, myself did not know the answer
the confusion stroke to my head
i wouldnt say i hate him
his betrayal wouldn't give me a hatred towards him, ever
how could i hate somebody that i ever loved
ever loved, ayu?
ever 'loved' you said?
i looked into his eyes, i smiled
that face, how could i hate, how could i forget
"i don't know if i still love you, but i do know that i don't need you anymore"
i walked away, reluctantly
will i ever see that face again?
but i must be strong, i must be
i don't want to be hurt again,
let alone to hurt him.
i wish he can find somebody who can truly love him, not to hurt him and give him a true happiness
forgive me, i failed to do so
forgive me, for breaking my promise to not leave you
forgive me, please, for everything
Ayu Othman

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