Monday, October 24, 2011

it's monday and i'm tensed

hello cruel world, what's up heartless people?

holy shit, it's Monday? scratch that, it does not mean anything to me. i am on my holiday, so who gives a damn about Monday. it is already 7:45am and i haven't slept yet since last night. yes, i am the champion!
i am tensed and i am having a bad skin situation right now. pimples seem to be added in numbers. can i blame damned Safi's facial foam for that? haihh. i was forced to buy that brand since i was too broke to buy Bio-Essence as it is my permanent facial form. tanaka white (Bio-Essence products) will cost me rm20 and Safi only Safi's only cost me like rm6 something? but look what happened now. :(

luckily, yesterday i have bought a new facial foam for my skin and i hope it will work out well.

i feel positive about Eucerin product, so do not failed me okay Euuuu (what a name) ''--
this product alone has cost me rm32 (after 15% less), tapi nasib baik my sister who is very kind to pay it for me. hehehe.

i decided to stop using this even though this product had help me alot at diminishing my pimples but it kinda left me a black scars on my skin. itu yang tanak tuw.

binatang nie, haishhh. malas nak cakap.

Ayu Othman


miss biebbiey said...

heee...safi sekang x uda berkesan ma aku sob3

Ayu Othman said...

hehe. bha, tukar yg lain.

miss biebbiey said...

haha den suggest pa yg best ;D

Ayu Othman said...

erm, muka ko skrg mcm mna? i mean jerawat thp besa jak ka atau mcm mna? sbb if thp besa2 jak better ko guna netrogena yg wrna kuning liquid dya.

miss biebbiey said...

astaga baru ku perasan nie komen. HEHE ok ka tue netrogena,, i want to try la.