Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Did any of you girls ever back off from chasing a guy because you think he's too good for you. Because i think i just did. Im not the type that usually make a first move. This is actually the first time i've ever done it. Thought he worth my time. He definitely is. But after sometime, i feel like he's too good for me. He is this very polite, well-mannerred guy. Contary to what i am, im crazy, harsh, we seem unfit.

But no worries. I guess this is the chance for me to change to be a better person. "Nak dapat yang baik, jadi yg baik dulu." Bak kata murni. But can i stay crazy and harsh? In a tolerable manner of course. Because that is who i am. And i love being myself.

But looking on the bright side, i guess this is a sign that i love myself more than anyone else; that i refuse to change, eveb the consequence is i have to lose something. Well, it is better to lose the chance to get a good man, than to lose my trueself.

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