Thursday, April 17, 2014

behind the mask.

i have a bunch of close friends, but i dont always call my close friends, 'best friends'. even if i've been knowing them for years, they still need a legit reason to hold the title. but this one friend of mine, is an exception. knowing her less than a year, but she deserves the title more than any of my closer friends did. well, who knew. the person who you thought a bit psychotic because of her 'weird' hobbies, unfriendly, meany and harsh is totally opposite from all those. she is actually a very, very good friend, very caring, very loving, very hygienic (in a tolerable degree), and acts like 'kanak kanak riang'. she is actually the reason i smile everyday everytime i wake up. "woiii, kau tido ke pengsan?", and greets me with a big wide smile. the one who always wakes me up for subuh prayer. i mean, for having a good friend like this, i couldnt ask for more.

she doesnt really show her 'caring/gentle' side. she is always this person who talks in a meany way, but underneath her heart, if you really know her closely, you'll now how she really is. i love her, and i dont want to lose her. Alhamdulillah. thank you Allah for sending me this beautiful person into my life. i couldnt be more greatful.

of course, we do argue sometimes, but we dont really take it to heart. we even make meany jokes towards each other, but we both know, each of us doesnt even mean it. "weh, kau tak cantik pun weh. dia tak pandang kau pun." or, "kau tak kaya, kau tak pandai, dan kau tak cantik, that is why dia tanak cakap dengan kau." i honestly never feel offended by these harsh remarks. i even laughed so hard over it. 

this really change my mind. you cant really judge someone just by their appearances. their appearances dont really tell  you who they actually are. just because you have talked to them for twice or thrice, dont be too sure on the impression that you make. dont just simply making a conclusion out of it.

mind you, the perception that i had over her, was actually contributed alot by rumors. the rumors was actually sent to me from someone who actually closed to her. ha, thats another lesson there. do not trust someone, even s/he is really really close to you. plus, they are not a valid source if you want to get to know someone. her/his opinions might be different from you. try to approach them, talk to them, and give them time to  show you the true-er side of them.

moving on to another story, which is about a guy whom i thought very poyo, arrogant, bajet, psychotic and even half (or maybe more) of the girls in our class dont like him. yes, major reason is because his image. i always told myself, if i dont know him, dont let myself judge him. so, it happened that he was in the same project group as mine. i did talk to him, but not that much. i tried to keep a positive thought, that he is actually a nice guy. but no, it didnt seem to be that way. the bad perception remains. i was more positive that the rumor was actually true. 

however, i have a different story from a friend. who probably knows him better than i am. she talked to him, and she said to me that he wasnt really that poyo actually, instead he was very chill kind of person. he even offered her for a ride home (they take an extra night class, and my friend doesnt have a transport to go home, and it is almost imposibble to find a bus after 10pm). i believe her words, and i have this feeling that i want to take a courage to talk to him, to get to know him. i want this bad perception to go away, because i dont think he deserves that.

so yeah. like the old saying, "dont judge book by its cover." :)

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