Tuesday, November 20, 2012

hopeless crush part 1

hello everybody. is anybody there? i havent blogged for uncountable days, and now all of sudden the mood of blogging come to me again. ahh, how i missed blogging. since i havent blogged for almost a year now, there are too many stuffs happened, now it seems ridiculous to write about everything. lol. of course.

but i have something i need to highlight, something that i want to let everyone know, something that calls me to come here again.

if i tell you this, i bet you'll respond like this, "haa, there you go again, ayu". have a clue yet? no? lol. okay. it has something to do with a 'crush thang'. lol. err okay, no lol. this is supposed to be the sad story of me. tsk.

okay, there is this guy, was actually my coursemate. i never expect to fall for him, everr. one of my friend liked him, so i was like, "what did you ever see in him?" since i couldnt find any attractive sides of him, umm BEFORE.

i dont know when it started, but since 'that' day, everytime we bumped into each other, i felt my heart thumping real fast. i felt really nervous to the extent that i couldnt even look at his face. lol. yeahh. hahaaa. "-.-

im sorry readers, now that after a while i havent posted anything here, you have to read all this so-called love issue.

hmmm. that's all for today's post. will continue again in the next post perhaps with the same issue? oh dear.

p/s : pardon my poor grammar. i havent been actively writing lately. 

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