Tuesday, November 20, 2012

hopeless crush part 2 (if you want to find it you need to stop looking for it)

*plays john mayer's tracks list*

ps : hello readers! (if there's any). before i begin, let me remind you. this entry will contain overflowing of so-called broken heart problems, which may annoy you at some point.


its raining heavily outside, sipping hot coffee while listening to john mayer's songs. hmm. thinking of how's my life going, im just a jobless lad and i feel lifeless. i sleep late, wake up late, spend the whole time on internet and thats that. 

there he goes again. lingering around through my mind. hmm. im in an attempt to move on, so yeah. wish me luck people. i actually prepare simple tips for better move on which i can apply to myself. and here are the shits :- 

1) avoid listening to songs that can make you think of him. (safe and sound, distance, ect)

2) do not read broken heart quotes. i know you'll feel like, "oh how related". but please dont. it will not heal you, in fact, it will worsen your heartache because you may be over carried by it.

3) STOP STALKING HIM. i know what you've been doing lately. but stalking his twitter account for every single day is one of the barriers to move on.

4) avoid yourself to talk about him to your friends. no matter how hard it is, you have to try.

5) he will not text you, will not call you, so yeah, you gotta throw the thoughts away, because he never bothers to think about you.

6) find someone to replace him, no? lol. a big no no for this. i dont want to get attached to anyone anymore. attachment hurts.

7) dont confuse yourself with the imaginary thoughts. i tell you, if he cares, if he likes you, he will find you, and do whatever things to get you. 

hope those tips will help me in any ways. im going to be better in time. trust me, ayu. you can do it. its not like its the first time you're facing a situation like this. :)

its funny sometimes to think how i get this broken heart from someone that i dont even date. LOL.

irony is, that all my weak moments made me stronger. i hope. in shaa Allah.


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