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NOTE : This questionnaire is open for students only.

1. Currently, you’re furthering studies in (Diploma/Degree/PHD/Master) and where at?
Im still taking my diploma (diploma in public administration) and I still have 2 semesters to go. Where at? Uitm kota samarahan, Sarawak.

2. Did you choose to be there or did you have another option but you didn’t manage to get in?
 -  This is what I wanted, to study in Uitm. Err, despite the location. I actually prefer to study at peninsular. But never mind. At least, I can learn the sarawakian language kan kan?

3. Now, you are in what semester?
- Start from 21nov, I'll be in semester 4, year 2. That means, I have 1 semester to go, baby! :D

4. How is your achievement so far?
- So far, Alhamdulillah. It’s going good, it just that I’m still not satisfied with my CGPA. Plus, I have a long way to go. Anything could happen. What I must do is just maintain my pointer (if possible try to increase it) and improve more!

5. Do you stay in hostel/rent house/parents’ house?
Syukur Alhamdulillah. I’m staying in hostel/kolej.

6. What subject you love the most?
Law subject of course. I do find it as a very though subject, but that doesn't vanish my interest towards law subjects. (bunyi poyo nak mampus, haktuihh!). xD

7. What subject you hate the most?
Multimedia subject! Earghh! I really really hate it! Luckily, I won’t be facing that awful subject anymore. But still BENCI!

8. How are your lecturers?
For what semester? For the whole semesters eh? Ok je kot. Except for Mr Jazlan. He’s smurfing annoying.

9. Have you escaped any lecture-class?
HAHAHA. What a question. Come onn. Who doesn’t? With or without a strong reasons, I have done both. Hehe.

10. Do you have haters in your campus?
- Probably, I’m not sure. Cus I’m not taking part on it.

11. What is the best part to be a student?
The best part is when you have a chance to study something that you really keen in!

12. What kind of student are you? (nerdy/lazy-bump/sleepy-head/stubborn/butt-kisser/ect)
Err, probably the one who can never leave without a question? Err, I always ask questions shouldn’t be asked. Almaklumlah, lambat pick up.

13. If you have given a chance to change college/university. Which college/university you would prefer to go?
University of Malaya. ^^

14. What do you wish for now?
- I really hope I can pursue study in degree in law. And I really hope I can get dean’s lists for every semester. Insya Allah.  Aminn.

15. Are you in the same College/University with your Boy/Girlfriend?
- I don't even have one. *Plays the Single Lady song by Beyonce :D

16. What is the silliest thing you have ever done at your college/university?
Ermm, there was the time my besties and I have a lil fight with my other classmates (the trio brothers). And we had lil conference at “meja ungu”. I mean like, come on lah. Macam kiddos nak gaduh gaduh bagai. Luckily, it happened in the first semester. So, still can be forgiven  lah kan? Masih budak budak lagi. “-_-

17. Tell me briefly about the course you’re taking now.
Urm, well this course is not all about politics actually (like what every one think of) we only study in politics just for the first and second semesters. Other 3 semesters, Law subject will become our major subject. Plus, our course is not all about read and read je taw. We do study mathematics, account (for two semesters in a row) and statistics.

18. Have you failed any papers/subjects?
Syukur Alhamdulillah. NOT YET and lets hope it’ll never happen to me. T^T

19. What subject you score the most?
My best score is for mathematics114 subject (in the 1st semester). Hehe. I managed to get the highest carry marks for our batch which is 39.9/40. Lagi best, bila dapat taw budak account pun tade dapat carry marks macam tuw. Haha. Bukan nak bermegah. Tapi serious tak sangka sangat sangat. You know why? Cus I’m really suck at numbers. But with all efforts I had put for that subject, I have proved to all people that even you’re very suck at numbers does not mean you cannot overcome it. There’s always a way!

20. What subject that you wished you never had to face it?
Multimedia subject a.k.a CSC253! Yucks!

21. You go to class everyday by using (car/motorcycle/bicycle)?
I walk on my feet. I’m staying in the hostel, brother. So, dekat je kot.

22.  Did/do you hold any positions in the college/university?
I’ve became an assistant class representative for English class. Is that count? Haha. Joke. For 4th and 5th semesters I'll become a treasurer for college Seri Gading Blok 4. And that's going to assure me to get Kolej for two semeters in a row. Alhamdulillah. I don't have to rent a house until my last semester. :)

23. Name things you cannot go to class without?
 Sling bag, purse, HANDPHONE, MINERAL WATER, TISSUES, umbrella, oil-boitler, a file and examination pads.

24. Which one you would prefer to do, study at the last minutes or do revisions for every night/weekend?
Depends on my mood. Sometimes, I’d just do revision for subjects that I feel very interested in.

25. Do you have a close relationship to your lecturers?
 Just for a certain lecturers. Yes, but just for a certain lecturers. :)

26.  How do you feel for some students try to butt-kiss the lecturers in order to get high marks?
Ouh, well. That's a normal thing to me. It’s all depending on yourself whether or not you want to be one of them.  But for me, you’ll get different feelings when you’ve done something that you’ve worked for it all by your own rather than butt-kissing somebody’s ass to get it all done.

27. Do you prefer to have a student or working man/lady to be your boy/girlfriend?
- I don't really mind about this. But, if he a student, he must NOT be in the same campus as me. Plus, he must study in the science field courses. Baru lah otak berkembang sikit. :)

28. Share photos of you with your class/collagemates.
Me (wearing the grey-hoodie) with DPA students while at Uitm Sabah (2009) - aku gila chubby time nie

freshies and seniors meeting di waktu malam (2009)

yikes, my chin. :D (2009)

with marissa A.K.A my lesbo-partner :D (2009)

farah, mar and me (2009)

kak long, eyka, ekin and me (my classmates + besties, 2011)

29. Tagged 6 students that you know.
- Edaya Maslim
- DG
- Bibi
- Fatin Farhah
- Eiyka Lovva
- Aten

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